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Woman accused of shoplifting runs from store topless in attempt to evade police

A New Jersey woman who was allegedly shoplifting from a ShopRite in Bayonne shed her shirt in an attempt to evade police

A New Jersey woman, who was allegedly attempting to shoplift from a ShopRite, fled the scene of the crime sans shirt in an attempt to evade police. Unfortunately for her, she was busted just a block away from the grocery store.

A loss prevention officer at the Bayonne ShopRite noticed Lakia Pierce, 42, of Hoboken, attempting to leave the store without paying for items on Tuesday around 11 p.m., and quickly notified a city police officer who was working security detail at the store, NJ.com reports.

Bayonne Lt. Eric Amato told the outlet that the officer had reported to the front vestibule to assist the loss prevention officer when he identified himself to Pierce.

As the officer spoke with Pierce, the woman started to become uncooperative and attempted to flee. Amato says that a struggle broke out between Pierce and the responding officer, in which the woman scratched the officer's arm numerous times and tried to punch him.

In one last desperate attempt at a getaway, the woman allowed her shirt to be torn off, and she ran from the store topless. Police were able to catch up to Pierce a block away from the store, and the stolen merchandise was returned to ShopRite.

Pierce was ultimately charged with robbery, resisting arrest and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. The arresting officer refused medical attention for the injuries he sustained.

Bayonne Police Department did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.