Home Lifestyle Woman Chases Down Man She Says Flashed Her While Jogging

Woman Chases Down Man She Says Flashed Her While Jogging

Woman Chases Down Man She Says Flashed Her While Jogging

Why won't people help when they're asked? It's a very sad day when people refuse to aid someone who's asking for help. What has happened to America?
The awful part of this woman's experience was being ignored when she was yelling for help and for someone to phone the police. What were people thinking? If some one is yelling “Help – call the police!” call the police.

Surveillance video captured Aia Polansky sprinting after the man who allegedly exposed himself to her not once but twice. When she caught up to him, she pinned him to the ground, holding him there for five minutes.

Polansky, a former member of the Israeli military, is a personal trainer and the man was no match for her.

She said that she felt compelled to confront the man.

“This is just not right and I made a decision, ‘This is not happening.' So I chased him down,” Polansky told Inside Edition Thursday.

She added: “You had to see his face. He was terrified.”

Polansky said that she shouted for passing cyclists and runners to call 911, but no one did. When she reached for her own phone, the man managed to get away.

She hopes someone will recognize him from the video footage and turn him in.

Asked what she'd say to him, Polansky replied:  “I told you I'm going to get you.”

Police said they commend Polansky for reacting the way she did, but recommended people call 911 first instead.

“She reacted in the blink of an eye what she felt was the best form of action,” State Police Trooper James DeAngelis said. “Good for her. I think she put the fear of God in the guy.”

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