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Using UV-C light to Eliminate Coronavirus


HOUSTON – The Lightstrike germ-killing UV robots claim to completely sanitize and disinfect rooms. Previously, the use of these high-tech robots has only been in healthcare facilities such as MD Anderson.

Now, the Westin in the Texas Medical Center has two to clean their rooms and common areas. In light of the coronavirus, they find clients are resting assured their rooms are clean.

“You could tell. It made us feel really comfortable that this thing was 100% sanitized,” We are the first hotel in the country to have adopted this technology,” Archit Sanghvi, VP of Westin Houston Medical Center, said.

“We disinfected the surfaces of all the bath amenities and we placed it in this bag. So when a guest arrives, they can open it and feel a sense of comfort that this was thoroughly disinfected.”

It mimics powerful UV-C light, stronger than the normal UV light that we get from the sun. In its true form, UV-C has the ability to disrupt the DNA of bacteria and viruses.

Residential based company Mobile Klean offers portable UV-C light sanitizers for home use.

mobile klean
Mobile Klean UV-C sanitizer

Cleaning hospitals is complex, but studies have shown that UV-C disinfection paired with other disinfection methods reduces chances of health care-associated infections, like from superbugs or coronaviruses.

Sarah Simmons, MD, Director of Science at Xenex Disinfection, said while chemical disinfection has always been the gold standard, this technology is a game-changer at killing every germ the light touches.

“This is not to say humans do a bad job cleaning, but sometimes we miss things. Sometimes we don’t hit one extra spot on a table and that can be the spot where a bacteria or a virus can be so this is an extra layer of protection for guests,” Simmons said.

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